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Caladan Consulting

Caladan Consulting, Inc.

I build Office 365 & SharePoint content management systems that greatly enhance productivity, efficiency and performance. I do it with OOTB methodology. If it can’t be done OOTB, I can arrange custom programming using developers in the US or India (50% off the US rates), depending on your budget. You may also contract directly with them at even lower rates. I will inform you of the need for such custom programming to meet your requirements as part of the recommended solutions phase. This phase is separate from the development phase. This phase usually costs about $500 to analyze your current site & business process, gather your existing & new requirements and architect a solution to meet those requirements. I will train your designated users and administrator(s) to manage your site in the future and offer support as needed.







We build custom systems with access control, workflows and custom views to match your needs. From forms to private documents to team document sets.


We help identify the best Microsoft license for your needs and obtain\implement them. We obtain & configure your domain, DNS and tenant (main Administration site). We also setup your site collections and configure all aspects including governance, Azure, external access, Teams, Skype for Business, OneDrive, and the landing page on your site. We also assist in migrating content to your new site


We build custom detailed project and manufacturing systems using the latest Azure project management tools.


We provide site and central administration services including backups, storage queues, access privileges, apps, features, profiles, etc.


We provide 24/7 rapid response support for issues, questions, training, site repairs, troubleshooting, etc.


We provide online training via videos, webinars and shared screens, one to one or one to many as well as wikis, manuals, tips & tricks and more.

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ROB MOSES, SharePoint “Expert”

I often am asked: Are you a SharePoint expert? I try to use word ‘expert’ carefully. The truth is, SharePoint is a complex content management system and you can’t be an expert in ALL of its aspects. Having said that, I have led a fair number of SharePoint and Office 365 implementations over the years and accumulated some great skills and knowledge to make your CMS implementation successful.