Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017. The economic signs are all pointing to a year of growth, for business & IT is particular, but especially in SharePoint as the shortage of expertise grows more acute. The perception of businesses that SharePoint and it’s online version, Office 365, is “easy” or “simple” continues to pervade people’s mindsets thanks to Microsoft’s marketing.

Many learn the facts after banging heads with service providers to develop a “simple” solution. The fact that most customization requires a lot more time and effort is a shock to most people new to SharePoint. Many SMBs continue to seek cheap buildouts and solutions at 3rd world prices and they are dismayed at the costs of hiring US professionals. Dismayed to say the least as anger at the realities of how complex CMS development really is becomes clear.

SharePoint developer skills rank in the top 10 of LinkedIn’s most sought after skillsets. Some regions are dealing with “an exhausted IT talent pool” leaving employers little choice but to hire contractors and sometimes even utilize remote contractors as many refuse to travel or relocate to be onsite during the period of the build.

According to a survey of 4,000 recruiters and hiring managers, 83% said that talent acquisition is their company’s number one priority, which makes sense with the shortages being experienced for some IT positions.

Our own company has a large, long project for a DC based global security firm. They alone are making 2017 a successful year for us. I am also fielding calls from other clients about our availability for new work. Unfortunately, I have no one who can travel or relocate to be onsite long term. All I can offer is our excellent remote services for development and administration. My PMP can travel, but like most US resources, he is pricey compared to my offshore resources. Rates for US resources (125-175) shocks smaller firms. The larger ones are used to paying professional rates.

So it appears my new ranch is likely this year! I have wanted to build a new ranch since I lost the one in Idaho after being hit by that drunk driver and years of surgeries to repair this body. I am so ready to start bringing animals back into my life!

Are you in need of CMS help? SharePoint, Office 365, WordPress, even the standard HTML sites can help address your needs. Talk to me. My talented US resources are available and my offshore resources are very talented professionals as well….and available at lower cost!

I can help you understand where these CMS tools can be applied to your business. You would be surprised at all it can do! I like to demonstrate with a simple HR application of on & off boarding employees. But the capabilities of a tool like SharePoint (and it’s online version Office 365) are overwhelming! Let me help you envision the possibilities for your company! By properly applying a CMS solution and training employees in it (include them in designing & building it!), you can smoothly transition to a significant improvement in productivity where ease of use, collaboration, and efficiency are what your company becomes known for among both employees and customers. I have the expertise and resources ready to go to work on your Content Management Solution! (CMS)

Give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s discuss your business and how we can help grow it.

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