Many businesses today use Office 365 to power up its operations. Your own company might well be using
this powerful tool. You might even be fairly familiar with it. But do you know which apps will best boost
your productivity and which ones don’t? With updates and new apps released often, it makes app choices
even more complicated. Worry no more. This article will help you maneuver the complicated decision-
making on app downloads.
When an enterprise purchases certain Microsoft Online services such as Office 365, there is usually a
Microsoft Partner of Record that is linked to the enterprise account. One of those is Caladan Consulting,
Inc. Rob Moses of Caladan has selected the most commonly used apps for businesses. Below is his list of
apps that are must-haves for the businesses of today:

1. Sway
Although still in its early stages, one app that is quickly becoming popular is Sway. This is a presentation
program that is being used for website creation where users can fuse together text and media. This
program, which is included in the Microsoft Office app arsenal, is widely gaining popularity among the
business owners and employees who’ve taken it up. It allows users to create a presentation like a
slideshow or a video. It is easy to learn and use.

2. OneDrive for Business
If you’re familiar with Dropbox, then you probably know how OneDrive for Business works. It is a single
location where users can save, sync, and share their files from anywhere. Some businesses use this
together with Dropbox, a paid app. Businesses that do this essentially double their cost as they are already
paying for the same functionality as OneDrive, an app that is already included in most Office 365 plans.
OneDrive appears as another option in the list of locations to open or save a document making access

3. Skype for Business
Hard to believe but there are still a lot of enterprises who pay for additional meeting and communication
solutions that they have already paid for with Skype for Business. This app, which is already included in
many Office 365 plans, goes beyond meeting and call purposes. It can also let you know which of your
contacts is currently online, and you can also launch communications from Word and PowerPoint. What’s
more, your communication is kept safe with the use of encryption and authentication processes.

4. Office 365 Groups
This app is very popular with enterprises that require sharing of ideas from a group working on a project.
It provides for a single place where the group can share documents, communication, and notes via white
board. This is predicted to become a complete replacement for SharePoint team sites as it is more user-
friendly, more manageable and can be set up easily, although it is just as functional as SharePoint.

5. Intranets
Thanks to SharePoint Online, intranets are gaining in popularity. They are not accessible by non company
employees without being a licensed user on the site or invitation link to content. The SharePoint intranet
not only enhances communication and collaboration in the office, but the end-result is an effective
streamlining and organized storage of information.

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