Animal Rescue

Exotic animal rescue organizations are sanctuaries for abused, neglected, or former pets and sideshows.  Many of the animals in their care have been kept in small cages, fed cheap, inappropriate foods that caused dental and other health problems, are often beaten into submission and kept from any kind of decent life.  The conditions these animals are rescued from is often appalling.  Let me reiterate: THESE ANIMALS ARE NOT PETS!

Below are a few of the great organizations working diligently to rescue these animals and provide comfortable environments where they can begin to experience freedom from abuse and some semblance of a happy life.  Some, like the CCF ( offer educational activities and events like Run for the Cheetah that raise funds for care and increased awareness of the animal’s plight. Big Cat Rescue is one of the most active organizations striving to end private ownership and abuse of exotic animals that are often used as methods to profit from your good heart and admiration of these fine animals. If you see a “photo op” at your local mall, DO NOT PARTICIPATE!  These animals are used, abused and often cast away once they are no longer cute or profitable. Females are kept in tiny cages as breeding machines.  Purchasing photos of yourself with these cubs encourages this kind of horrifying abuse.


Highlighted Rescue Organizations

CCF – Cheetah Conservation Fund,  Namibia, Africa

CCF’s mission: To be the internationally recognized centre of excellence in the conservation of cheetahs and their ecosystems. CCF will work with all stakeholders to develop best practices in research, education, and land use to benefit all species, including people.

Big Cat Rescue, Tampa Florida

  • Big Cat Rescue is the largest accredited sanctuary in the world dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats.
  • The nonprofit sanctuary began in 1992.
  • The sanctuary is home to more than 100 exotic big cats

Keepers of the Wild, Valentine, AZ

Keepers of the Wild is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to the protection of abused, neglected,  abandoned and retired captive wildlife. To provide the best standard of care and help enforce the humane treatment of all animals.