Are You Using Office 365 for Greatest ROI?

Facebook recently  turned the $141 billion data-center computer-hardware industry on its head. Julie Bort described it well when she wrote in Business Insider: “Facebook’s extraordinary Open Compute Project is doing for hardware what Linux, Android, and many other popular products did for … Read More

Site and library consolidation improves efficiency

I recently had yet another client who had used SharePoint like a filing cabinet.  They wanted me to migrate everything to their new Office 365 site.  The mess I found was disheartening.  Around 180 subsites were created as the client created … Read More

2017 Outlook

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017. The economic signs are all pointing to a year of growth, for business & IT is particular, but especially in SharePoint as the shortage of expertise grows more acute. The perception of businesses that … Read More

Robots and Displaced Workers – a suggested solution

I have been reading an increasing number of stories about the advances in robotics. From service jobs at McDonalds to assembly line work to chatbots. While some believe that new jobs will be created I cannot see enough jobs for … Read More

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

I am very pleased to annouce a new addition to the Caladan team! A specialist in Dynamics 365! This is a difficult skill to find and they are not cheap! As you may know, Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP … Read More

Folders are old tech that needs to be replaced

Too many users treat SharePoint and Office 365 as if it is merely a file cabinet. This degrades this powerful app into a mere filing system that fails to utilize 90% of it’s features. This post focuses on folders. Folders … Read More