It Only Took a Pandemic to Prove Remote Work is Often More Productive

The pandemic has forced most companies to embrace remote work. Some remain absolutely resistant while others are finding (to their surprise) that productivity has gone up as well as worker happiness/satisfaction (which was expected). I think we can all agree … Read More

Remote Work is the Future

Remote work has many advantages and a few negatives. It is growing (5.3% of all workers now do so remotely. The experience has been incredibly positive for the overwhelming majority of both workers and their employers while fellow commuters surely … Read More

SharePoint is a market leader in the intranet space with 80% of Fortune 100 companies implementing it.

Office 365 Lowers Administration Costs

Office 365 Lowers Administration  Office 365 is more stable than most servers and networks. For a moderate sized site collection of say 250 users accessing an average 8-12 subsites (departmental sites, projects, etc.), administering it requires only an hour a day, … Read More

Using Document Sets instead of Folders

Folders have issues in SharePoint.  Not only do they require clicks to drill down, but they make migration to new versions of SharePoint difficult and expensive in hours required to migrate them.  Plus they make administration & reporting ​more difficult. … Read More

Folders are old tech that needs to be replaced

Too many users treat SharePoint and Office 365 as if it is merely a file cabinet. This degrades this powerful app into a mere filing system that fails to utilize 90% of it’s features. This post focuses on folders. Folders … Read More