Creating an Online Library that Accepts Email Attachments

The online version of SharePoint in Office 365 does not accept email attachments the way the on-prem version does. There is a way around it. Let me show you in this brief post. First create a new shared mailbox in … Read More

Using Sensitivity Labels to secure your content in email

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Implementing Office 365

Many small and medium businesses (SMBs) struggle to implement Office 365, not understanding the standard stages most professionals follow – Initiation Planning Execution Performance/monitoring Project Close Number 2 is absolutely CRITICAL for a successful implementation that meets not only all … Read More

Reasons Folders in SharePoint are a Bad Idea

Folders in SharePoint are a personal annoyance to me given the many times that I have had to migrate them through tedious folder by folder migrations. This is completely unnecessary if they had been configured using the power of SharePoint … Read More

SharePoint and Office 365 Still Vastly Underutilized in Most Organizations

By Rob Moses, Office 365 Consultant              6/27/2019 I spend a lot of time working with end-users and encouraging change in the way they work in the Office 365 ecosystem.  Getting buy-in to use a content management system (CMS) to … Read More

Configuring your new Office 365 requires careful planning

Microsoft seems to infer that anyone can easily and quickly get an Office 365 CMS up and running without planning. This might be true if you are ok with bland default web apps and a single plain Jane Library that … Read More

How to Use OneDrive

OneDrive offers a lot of advantages. Being cloud based, it can store huge amounts of content depending on your Microsoft plan. The basic personal plan limits storage to just 5GB. Recent promotions with cell phone sales offers 100-200 GTB. Business … Read More

Best Practices for Welcoming Users to Office 365

I have seen many implementations of SharePoint and Office 365. The most common mistakes include shallow understanding of this powerful CMS app, insufficient planning, and just dumping it on employees without proper training. I cannot emphasize enough how important your … Read More

Set Up Apps and Skype for Business in Office 365

After setting up your accounts, it’s time to install the Office apps and Skype for Business. In this example, we’ll install Office 365 Business Premium. Install Office apps 1. Under Software, choose Skype for Business. 2. Select a language and … Read More

Migrate email to Outlook in Office 365

After you set up email in Outlook, you can import your previous email, calendar, and contacts into your new Office 365 account. Step 1: Export your old email 1. In Outlook, choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export. 2. … Read More