The pandemic has forced most companies to embrace remote work. Some remain absolutely resistant while others are finding (to their surprise) that productivity has gone up as well as worker happiness/satisfaction (which was expected).

I think we can all agree that remote work just gained a lot of traction that will not be lost once the pandemic is over. Remote options will be far more popular in job offers and cities are going to shrink, even if it only a little at first. Given the success of remote work, the genie cannot be put back in the bottle. This popular option is here to stay.

Still, it is not for everyone. Some cannot work at home due to the nature of their job, their home situation or their personalities. But we will see a drastic reduction of traffic nightmares drivers face in places like DC. Office space will likely go wanting as companies reduce their real estate footprints in downtown hubs. People will finally reduce their long work hours to 6 or 7 a day (albeit slowly but inevitably) as production remains high and people accept they are not going to lose their jobs for not keeping their noses to the grindstone for at least 8 hours a day.

Now that many people have taken the scary step of setting up a home office/workspace with WiFi, security, and an organized workspace, many will be enticed to keep at least part of their work week at home. Society will benefit from less traffic, lower downtown rents, less stressed workers, improved quality of life and perhaps more creative employees!

The Pandemic has finally driven home the fact that remote work is more beneficial than not for most people whose work allows them the option. As our skies clear a bit, our lives calm down a little, we get more done both at work and at home, the resistance to remote work is being overcome.

Finally. Now a late breakfast and then back to work!

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