Phase I – Process analysis
We analyze your business processes and look for ways to automate it and incorporate it in the SharePoint
Collaboration system. This includes controlled access, workflows, archiving, policies, email access, reporting,
dashboards, etc.

Phase II – Recommended Solutions (if any)​
I present a spreadsheet with recommended solutions and optional apps you might be interested in. This is the tool we
jointly use to determine your priorities and details of the desired functionality. You can organize the work in phases to
fit your budget. Those marked “Required” will be explained for Phase I and why they are required. There is a section for
your comments, notes and questions. Your phases and costs are clearly laid out across the top providing a useful report
for management.

Phase III – Build it!
In this phase we build the requested functionality. We work closely with your stakeholder to be sure we stay on track
and can discuss issues and changes along the way.
Phase IV – Testing & changes
In this phase, the developers perform initial testing, then I and Project Manager run tests and finally the stakeholder
performs testing. The stakeholder might bring in actual users to perform real world testing and push the functionality to
test for unusual entries, or any unexpected error conditions.

Phase V – Training & Support
Finally we provide training using Wikis, manuals, articles and online webinars. I and my team stand ready to answer
questions, perform walk throughs, make adjustments and make sure the roll out is successful. Follow up support is
always available with answers to questions and screen sharing sessions to resolve issues or demonstrate functionality.
We can also contract for significant changes between phases if any are identified as necessary.


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