Site Build Estimator (example)

With this tool you can estimate the cost of your site by selecting the features you want. This is just a ROUGH ESTIMATE! But it gives you an idea how you can schedule your build in phases to fit your budget and plan future growth. Start with basic features like content management, Delve profiles and email. Then add new features like a custom HR system, BD/Ann web part, color-coded calendar entries for time off or reserved rooms, etc. These are just a few of the possible features, the most common features built by most users of SharePoint\Office 365. For a clearer picture of possible system that fits your needs, schedule a pre-sales envisioning meeting with ROB MOSES and we can explore the solutions that best fit your vision for this powerful tool.

Feature Selector by Rob Moses, Caladan Consulting, Inc.Phase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVWish ListTotal
Negotiable RateESTIMATED Hours:30000030
Select the features you want by entering a phase #, the total will reflect each phase and final total(Not including Wish List)
In-depth Requirements, inventory and designPre-sales ENVISIONING. Review high level needs and potential solutions200$0
In-depth Requirements, inventory and designGather requirements and design proposed solution(s) with this choice list. ESTIMATE ONLY.20$1,5001$1,500Prior to phase I & after pre-sales envisioning
Security Infrastructure (Mandatory)Groups, permissions, settings, configurations, branding, theme, etc. including the Landing Page:10$1,2501$1,250
Site Infrastructure (Mandatory)STANDARD Web parts: Announcements, Contact List, Default content Library, company calendar and HR Document Library. No JQuery, Javascipt customization. AMOUNT CAN VARY WITH CUSTOMIZATION.20$2,5001$2,500
Migrate contentMigrate existing site collection including all subsites, Lists & Libraries. Configure new site features, confirm governance, change metadata, etc. ESTIMATE VARIES.50$6,250$0Begin on this row
Main Content Library Consolidate 8 sites into 1 site with subsites. Consolidate libraries where possible, move subfolders to top of library to flatten the libraries. Employ Doc sets, filtering & permission views where approved. ESTIMATE VARIES.100$12,500$0
HR SystemInstall third party app and customize with design, users, workflows, report pages, etc. See CUSTOM HR Option below.10$1,250$0
Testing and polishingWork with designated testers to proof the design, features, customizations, etc. 10$1,250$0
TrainingOnline classes, Videos, manuals, Wiki, etc.10$1,250$0
Optional FeaturesI prefer the Agile method of Project building. Build the basics and identify the new opportunities as we grow in understanding your needs. We can add additional features as we identify them. There are over 1100 unique features. I will try to list a few of the more common ones here.$0
Responsive DesignCode to test display browser and format the screen for mobile devices and all browsers.50$6,250$0Popular option!
Asset ManagementSystem to reserve assets - equipment, rooms, conference lines, projectors, the company jet, etc. Optional calendar color-coded entries.2$250$0
HR SystemSystem to onboard new employees; give controlled access to employee records for designated users; provide employee reports (svc length, BD, reviews, etc.); workflows for reviews, training, etc.; past employee historical records; more TBD.90$11,250$0
Setup ExchangeActivate & configure Exchange, import email from old email accounts. Optional: Setup mult email/ alternate/company address accounts, etc. 50$6,250$0
Capitalized Asset TrackingList with metadata columns for cost, date of acquisition, current location, replacement date, and more TBD with one basic workflow.5$625$0
Service Tracking Sys.List\library with attached documents tracking vendor services with one basic workflow.5$625$0
Wiki TipsUser managed Wiki library with user entered tips, tricks, etc. as a user help guide.2$250$0
Employee Contact ListMaster list accessible from pages, subsites, projects, etc. where users can be listed by department, project, location, etc. This content can be drawn from your Active Directory. It can include skills, etc. Lists can be limited to current subsite members.10$1,250$0
Skye For BusinessConfigure Skype for Business with collaborative whiteboard, task assignments, discussion board, and more. Average 20 hours.TBDTBD$0
Project ManagementCreate a BASIC project management system with master page containing dashboard and reports. Customization. Average 50 hours.TBDTBD$0
IT Dept SubsiteIT – documentation library, site analytics reports, Common Documents library, wiki Q&A library where staff\users can add tips & tricks.50$6,250$0
Marketing and SalesSimilar to Salesforce with CRM custom app. We will enter further details TBD here.TBDTBD$0
Dept SubsiteAdditional department with their unique needs.40$5,000$0
Production DashboardA page\subsite providing instant status summaries of production reports, graphs, tasks, and more.TBDTBD$0
Company Dashboard & ReportingStatus Dashboard and reports for all departments for Executive "Quick Glance".TBDTBD$0
Power BI SystemBusiness Intelligence Report generator based on variables and defined contentTBDTBD$0
RSS Feed(s)Weather, news feed, comics (Dilbert, etc.), stock prices, facebook, etc. Price is EACH.2$250$0
Delve ProfileDELVE Profile, photo, contact info, skills, interests, tasks assigned to me, documents linked to me, team hierarchy, skill set list, etc.40$5,000$0
BD & Anniv. announcmntsDisplay this month’s birthdays (display month and day) and work anniversaries (display how many years of service) this month or within 14 days of today.10$1,250$0
Accounting SystemBASIC MS Dynamics Accounting system. TBDTBD$0
New Team memberAnnouncement w\photo on Landing page announcements, HR page and auto onboard process.4$500$0
Equipment Reservation SystemProjectors, etc. Special equipment reservation for meetings, parties (canopies/tables/chairs/etc.), along with history, warranties, age, etc.20$2,500$0
New Requirement RequestTBDTBDTBD$0
New Requirement RequestTBDTBDTBD$0
New Requirement RequestTBDTBDTBD$0
New Requirement RequestTBDTBDTBD$0
LiveTiles SubscriptionEasy automated site builder using drag & drop instead of hiring developers.10$1,250$0
AvePoint Online Manager subscription from vendorAdminister your Office 365 environment from a single, unified UI, permissions, backup & restore, policy enforcement, reporting, and more10$1,250$0$20\user
AvePoint Compliance subscription from vendorEnforce compliance with information governance policies with automated actions to block, delete, move, redact, secure, or encrypt risk-defined content. Price does not include purchase form AvePoint10$1,250$0$20\user
AvePoint Governance Subscription from vendorGovernance Automation gives your users easy access to IT resources while ensuring governance policies are met. Lifecycle management, security & provisioning.10$1,250$0$6\user plus service charge
Other Third party appsOther third party apps. I prefer to attempt to build solutions OOB before considering third party apps. But will gladly implement any app you prefer. For a research fee, I will reprot on any app and recommendations regarding it.10$1,250$0
New Requirement RequestTBDTBDTBD$0
New Requirement RequestTBDTBDTBD$0