Training Resources

I applaud your interest in learning SharePoint!  Be aware this application requires years to truly master, despite what Microsoft says.  If all you want is very shallow document management with cluttered folders instead of true document management with filters, groups, etc, you can do it yourself OOTB (Out of the box).  But to avoid anarchy and chaos, I STRONGLY suggest you hire a professional who knows how to utilize the power of SharePoint to organize lists & libraries MINIMIZING folders!  I assure you that folders will add significantly to your cost the next time you migrate to a new version. There are many levels of expertise in mastering SharePoint –  from Library administrator to site collection administrator to developer to server admin to designer and more.

Given the demand for SharePoint expertise, you can find work right away as a power user with just a little experience. AND THAT IS WHAT THIS SITE IS FOR – Hands on experience! Learn the levels of SharePoint.  Developers (as defined by Microsoft) can be anything from HTML-OOB (out of the box) developers to .Net languages like C# (pronounced “C Sharp”) & VB.  For a true Developer (as defined by Microsoft), at the minimum, you need to be proficient in markup languages such as HTML5, CSS and XML plus  programming languages ASP, JQuery and Javascript.  You need to be proficient with master pages, workflows, web parts (especially Query web parts), Designer (free from Microsoft), and Visual Studio.

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For more advanced training, there are many resources out there.  Of course Microsoft has many resources at Technet.  In addition, there a few sites with many videos and powerpoint presentations placed there by instructors who wish to share them with students and others.  Here are a few resources:

Watch training videos here (1,300+ of them! from trainers/presenters, etc)’s Online Training Library provides access to training on over 900 subjects.  Join for low cost to take advantage of this incredible resource.  – GreyCampus is a leading provider of training for working professionals in the areas of Project Management, Big Data, Data Science, Service Management and Quality Management.